(Asian Development Bank Institute-Tokyo)

8:00 AM
Registration followed by Coffee/Tea
8:25 AM
Welcome: Yoshino (ADBI), Filippo di Mauro (NUS)
8:30 AM
Keynote Address:
John Romalis (University of Sydney)
9:30 AM
Session 1: Macro/Finance/FX
Session Chair: Naoyuki Yoshino, Dean (ADBI)

Understanding Global Productivity Cycles
Hideaki Hirata (Hosei University), Raju Huidrom, Ergys Islamaj, M. Ayhan Kose (World Bank)

Exchange rate appreciations and corporate risk taking
Ilhyock Shim (BIS), Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan (University of Maryland), Xiaoxi Liu (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Discussant for two papers: Filippo di Mauro (NUS-Business School)
11:00 AM
11:30 AM
Session 1: Macro/Finance/FX (continued)

Aggregate Consequences of Credit Subsidy Policies: Firm Dynamics and Misallocation
In Hwan Jo, Assistant Prof of Economics (NUS), Tatsuro Senga (Queen Mary University)

(Un)Competitive Devaluations and Firm Dynamics: Evidence from Abenomics
Alexander Rodnyansky, Assistant Professor of Economics (University of Cambridge)

Discussant for two papers: Johan Sulaeman, Associate Professor (NUS-Business School)
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
Session 2: Innovation/Spillovers
Session Chair: Peter Morgan (ADBI)

Regulation, Innovation, and the Porter Hypothesis: Examining Outcomes in Chinese Pollution Control Policy Areas
Liqun Zhuge, Research Assistant (Zhejiang University), Matthew T. Higgins, Richard B. Freeman

Is Free Trade Good or Bad for Innovation?
Tuan Anh Luong, Senior Lecturer (DE MONTFORT University), Qing Liu, Ruosi Lu, Yi Lu

Discussant for two papers: Andy Feng, Senior Economist, MTI-Singapore
3:30 PM
4:00 PM
Session 2: Innovation/Spillovers (continued)

Spillover Effects of Inward Foreign Direct Investment By Economic Region: Evidence From Vietnamese Microdata
Pham Thi My Hanh (Foreign Trade University), Pham Thi My Dung

Efficiency, innovation, and imported inputs: determinants of export performance among Indian manufacturing firms
Marco Grazzi (University of Bologna), Nanditha Mathew, Daniele Moschella

Discussant for two papers: Mun Heng Toh, Associate Professor (NUS-Business School)
5:30 PM
Coffee and networking session
6:30 PM
7:00 PM
8:00 AM
8:30 AM
Session 3: Trade/GVC
Session Chair: Johan Sulaeman, Associate Professor (NUS-Business School)

Debt in Tiered-Production Networks
Ben Charoenwong, Assistant Professor of Finance (NUS-BIZ)

Trade uncertainty and Firm investment
Daisy Nguyen (WTI), Roberta Piermartini (WTO)

Discussant for two papers: TBC
10:00 AM
10:30 AM
Session 4: Measuring Productivity
Session Chair: TBC

Do Manufacturing Entrepreneurs in Australia Have (or Develop) a Productivity Advantage?
Sasan Bakhtiari (Australian Department of Industry, Innovation & Science)

Forecasting Firm Performance with Machine Learning: Evidence from Japanese Firm-level Data
Daisuke Miyakawa, Associate Professor (Hitotsubashi University), Yuhei Miyauchi, Christian Perez

Discussant for two papers: Kevin Fox, Professor of Economics, University of New South Wales, Sydney
12:00 PM
1:00 PM
Session 4: Measuring Productivity (continued)
Session Chair: TBC

Misallocation, Policy Distortions, and the Plant-level Productivity
Archawa Paweenawat (University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce), Thitima Chucherd, Nakarin Amarase

Is the State-owned Enterprises a major source of resource misallocation? Empirical evidence from Vietnam
Long Q. Trinh (ADBI), Peter Morgan (ADBI)

Interactive map of Special Economic Zones in Vietnam
Huong Nguyen (WTI), Anh Viet Hoang, Dam Manh Pham

Discussant for three papers: Sasan Bakhtiari (Australian Department of Industry, Innovation & Science) TENTATIVE
2:30 PM
3:00 PM
Session 5: Data Discussion/Networking
Session Chair: Kevin Fox, Professor of Economics, University of New South Wales, Sydney

Participants to the PRN data collection exercise will in turn briefly present their respective progress and issues
  • Australia: Sasan Bakhtiari, Senior Economist (Australian Department of Industry, Innovation & Science)
  • India: Nanditha Mattew
  • Indonesia: Angsoka Yorintha Paundralingga
  • Japan: Kazuma Edamura
  • Malaysia: Lay Lian Chuah (World Bank-Malaysia Office)
  • New Zealand: Zheng Guanyu, Senior Advisor (New Zealand Productivity Commission)
  • Thailand: Minh Tam Bu Indonesia: Angsoka Yorintha Paundralingga
  • Vietnam: Long Quang Trinh, Economist (ADBI)
6:00 PM

  • Cristian BADARINZA, Assistant Professor, Department Real Estate (NUS)
  • Filippo di MAURO, Visiting Professor, Department of Strategy & Policy (NUS Business School)
  • Peter J. MORGAN, Senior Consultant for Research (ADBI)
  • Johan SULAEMAN, Associate Professor, Department of Finance (NUS Business School)
  • Andy FENG (Ministry of Trade and Industry – Singapore)
  • Gee Hee HONG (IMF)
  • Kenichi UEDA (University of Tokyo)
  • Yanbo WANG Department of Strategy & Policy (NUS Business School)