19 December 2011  Getting women on board  The Edge 
12 December 2011  A boost for women power  Today 
23 November 2011  Final tweaks to make corporate code workable  The Business Times 
21 November 2011  Promoting board diversity via mandatory quotas  The Edge 
18 November 2011  Welcoming more women on board  The Business Times 
8 November 2011  Lowdown on gender diversity The Business Times
27 October 2011  Huge gender gaps remain in Singapore's boardrooms  The China Post 
26 October 2011  Few women at the top in Singapore, compared to some Asian countries  Today 
26 October 2011  Still a man's world in boardrooms  The Straits Times 
26 October 2011  Boardrooms of SGX-Listed firms remain male-dominated: Study  The Business Times 
26 October 2011  Coming up roses? Not quite for S'pore boards  The Straits Times 
25 October 2011  Sias chief to firms: Do more to boost good governance   The Straits Times 
25 October 2011  Fewer Singaporean women at the top  Channel News Asia 
25 October 2011  You wont believe how many women there are in Singapore boardrooms  Singapore Business Review
25 October 2011  Governance standards may have reached plateau  The Business Times 
19 August 2011      What proportion of boards should be women? The Business Times
18 August 2011        What's with the all-boys board members? Singapore Business Review
5 August 2011 Good corp governance starts from top: RSME The Business Times
26 July 2011 A toothless code is better than no bark The Straits Times
22 July 2011     Building long-term investor perception The Business Times
22 July 2011     Call to keep pace with global governance The Business Times
13 July 2011     SGX-listed firms 'still not disclosing enough' Today
13 July 2011 Poor Governance: finding the underlying causes The Business Times 
13 July 2011 Poor Governance: finding the underlying causes Singapore Law Watch
13 July 2011 Size doesn't matter in corporate governance The Business Times
13 July 2011     Vital to boost investor confidence The Business Times
12 July 2011  SingTel still leads transparency pack The Business Times
12 July 2011     92% of Singapore companies fail to meet corporate governance standards Singapore Business Review
12 July 2011 Few Companies made improvements in Corporate Governance    Lianhe Newspaper
12 July  2011 SingTel Voted Most Transparent Company Human Resources Online
12 July 2011 Firms still hide more than they tell: GTI Study The Business Times
12 July 2011 Corporate Governance: Firms 'can do more' The Straits Times
11 July 2011    Compliance to best practices in corporate governance not getting better
6 July 2011         NUS biz school opens governance research centre The Business Times and Singapore Law Watch
6 July 2011  Governance stems from good role models Human Resources Online
6 July 2011     Liberalisation needed again in China : don The Business Times
30 June 2011                A New Direction for Corporate Governance: Integrating Accounting with Strategy  The Business Times
18 June 2011 Hard for board to be brake and accelerator The Straits Times
04 May 2011 Advice to family firms: Plan your seccession well The Straits Times
08 March 2011 Singapore university to launch board gender index China Daily
08 March 2011 Finding a woman's touch on boards here The Business Times
07 March 2011 NUS to reveal truth about gender diversity in Singapore boardrooms Channel NewsAsia
07 March 2011 Success isn't always a 'family affair' The Straits Times
07 March 2011 Dons offer insights for regional firms going global The Business Times
25 February 2011 Odds are against SEA firms going global The Business Times
14 January 2011 Regulatory enforcement – a regional comparison The Star Online
20 January 2011 Governance checklist pared down for smaller charities The Straits Times, Singapore
14 January 2011 Regulatory enforcement – a regional comparison The Star Online

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