Decision Sciences offer various undergraduate and graduate course modules leading to the following degrees in the School of Business:

Current List of BBA Modules Offered by DS Dept

DSC1007/1007X Business Analytics - Models and Decisions
DSC2006 Operations Management
DSC2008 Business Analytics--Data and Decisions
DSC3201 Supply Chain Management
DSC3202 Purchasing and Materials Management
DSC3203 Service Operations Management
DSC3213 Strategic Information System
DSC3214 Introduction to Optimization
DSC3215 Stochastic Models in Management
DSC3216 Forecasting for Managerial Decisions
DSC3217 Introduction to Decision Analysis
DSC3218 Physical Distribution Management
DSC3222 Topics in Operations and Supply Chain Management
DSC3222J TIOSCM: Operations Strategy
DSC3224 Dynamic Pricing & Revenue Management (previously DSC3222L)
DSC3226 Sustainable Operations Management
DSC3222M TIOSCM: Business Practicum
DSC4211 Seminars in Operations and Supply Chain Management
DSC4211A SIOSCM: Co-ordinate and Flexibility in Supply Chain Management
DSC4211C Operations Strategy
DSC4212 Managerial Decision Analysis (previously DSC4211D)
DSC4211G SIOSCM: Service Design
DSC4213 Analytical Tools for Consulting (previously DSC4211B)
DSC4215 Supply Chain Visualization & Actionable Intelligence
DSC5102 Business Analytics Capstone Projects
DSC5103 Statistics
DSC5121 Hand-on with Business Analytics
BMA5002 Analytics for Manager
BMA5010A Managing Operations
BMA5232 Strategic Information Technology
BMA5234 Strategic Peocurement for Global SCM
BMA5236 Global Operations Strategy
BMA5237 Managing International Value Chain
BMA5271 Supply Chain Management
BMA5274 Project Management
BDC5101 Deterministic Operations Research
BDC5102 Stochastics Operations Research Models
BDC6111 Foundation of Optimization
BDC6112 Stochastic Processes
BDC6113 Foundation of Inventory Management
BDC6114 Logistics and Supply Chain
BRP6101 Seminars in Operations Management & Logistic

MSc (Business Analytics)(MSBA)

MSc(Supply Chain Management)