25 December 2012  Biz schools help family firms manage better  The Business Times 
08 December 2012    Women business leaders in Indonesia are key: Tourism Minister  Jakarta Globe 
08 December 2012   Editorial: Women need bigger roles in boardrooms Jakarta Globe
08 December 2012  Indonesia lebih beri peluang pegawai wanita  Berita Harian, Malaysia
08 December 2012  Indonesia terajui Asia dalam kepelbagaian jantina jawat lembaga pengarah  New Sabah Times 
07 December 2012   Indonesia leads Asia in gender diversity of boardrooms  NNN Bernama
07 December 2012  Jabatan Elite untuk perempuan masih terbatas
07 December 2012  Indonesia terajui Asia dalam kepelbagaian jantina dalam lembaga pengarah   Bernama Media
07 December 2012 Survei: Indonesia Paling Bersahabat bagi eksekutif wanita
01 December 2012 Keeping it in the family  The Economist 
24-25 November 2012 Setting sex quota for board seats won't fly The Business Times 
16 November 2012  Singapore needs to do better in corporate sustainability: NUS don  The Straits Times
15 October 2012 Singapore's Women Pick Up The Pace  Human Resources Online
15 October 2012  Singapore falls further behind in gender diversity  HRM Asia 
13 October 2012   More women on boards but equality still elusive  The Straits Times
13 October 2012  Not enough women on board  Today
12 October 2012  Girl Power: Women in Singapore boardrooms up from 6.9% to 7.3%  Singapore Business Federation 
12 October 2012 S'pore lags behind in female representation in boardrooms Channel News Asia
08 October 2012 What businesses can learn from Gangnam Style Singapore Business Review 
07 October 2012 All in the family The Sunday Times
01 October 2012 Indonesian women are making their mark in the boardroom GlobeAsia Magazine
28 September 2012  Performance mystery in corporate governance The Business Times 
28 August 2012 Apple's victory means soul-searching for Samsung Associated Press
23 August 2012 Old wealth reborn in new Indonesia Asia Times Online
17 August 2012  Checks matter but don't lose sight of strategy The Business Times 
07 August 2012   Family affairs pose risks as Asia's tycoons seek handover The Financial Times 
01 August 2012 Indonesia's corporate elite  GlobeAsia Magazine 
18 July 2012   SingTel most well-governed company  Singapore Business Review
18 July 2012 Finance, transport sectors see improvements in corporate governance Channel News Asia  
18 July 2012 Finance, multi-industry and transportation sectors see significant corporate governance improvements CGIO
06 July 2012 Doanh nghiep gia dinh: Co nghiep tram nam DoanhNhan SAIGON
06 July 2012 Stir up your business with impressive corporate governance  Singapore Business Review 
17 June 2012 Orang Baik Tetap Dikenang Kebaikannya
12 June 2012 Suharto associate who helped transform Indonesia The Financial Times
12 June 2012 Late tycoon left sizeable footprint in Singapore The Straits Times 
24 May 2012  Celebrating '100 Champions' of gender diversity at work The Straits Times   
11 May 2012 Women on top in men's domain The Business Times 
27 April 2012   Governance and Transparency Index 2012-the top 500 The Business Times  
27 April 2012  Corporate governance huffs and puffs upwards  The Business Times  
27 April 2012  Making headway in governance  The Business Times 
27 April 2012 SingTel leads the way in transparency  The Straits Times  
27 April 2012 SingTel tops accounting body's governance, transparency index Today
27 April 2012 SingTel tops governance and transparency index 2012 The Star
26 April 2012  Stat boards lead the way in boardroom gender diversity HRM Asia
12 April 2012 Boardrooms due for re-calibration The Business Times 
02 April 2012 Taking the sting out of disputes in family firms The Business Times  
26 March 2012  Don't bet against the family firms The Edge 
26 March 2012  S'pore govt's model of corporate ownership an asset: US academic Channel News Asia  
26 March 2012 Gov't ownership of firms 'maximises shareholder value'  Today (online)
22 March 2012  Family-linked firms have better performance, but accountability an issue HRM Asia
21 March 2012 Family businesses perform better than other firms: Study  The Straits Times 
21 March 2012 Family-linked firms 'perform better'  Today
21 March 2012 Family firms 'need to have better governance' The Business Times
21 March 2012 Tinjauan: Syarikat milik keluarga pamer prestasi lebih baik  Berita Harian
20 March 2012 52% of SGX-listed firms are family businesses Channel News Asia 
20 March 2012 52% of companies on SGX tagged as 'family-firms' Singapore Business Review
20 March 2012 Family firms play key role in Singapore's economy but score lower on governance CGIO
09 March 2012 Women find boards hard to crack The China Daily Asia Weekly
08 March 2012 Women on top - all in the family The Business Times
06 March 2012 Women 'better represented at boardrooms of statutory boards' Today
06 March 2012 More women lead the way at stat boards: Study The Straits Times 
06 March 2012 Coming up roses in statutory boards The Business Times
05 March 2012 Statutory boards lead the way in boardroom gender diversity:survey The Business Times Online
05 March 2012 Statutory boards lead the way in boardroom gender diversity CGIO
01 March 2012 Don't call me Miss The Straits Times 
29 February 2012 Boards need push on diversity The Business Times
13 January 2012 No-go for HK's proposed cap on multiple directorships The Business Times
13 January 2012 Bocker sees ID numbers rising over time  The Business Times
13 January 2012 Tightening of rules seen testing directors The Business Times
13 January 2012 Boards needs occasional 'health checks' The Straits Times


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