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Welcome to the Department of Strategy and Policy

The Department was established as the Division of Business Policy in the School of Management in 1983. Subsequently, in 1988, the School was organized into five departments and the division was established as the Department of Business Policy.

The Department uses strategy, economics and legal perspectives to focus on the following research clusters, particularly in the context of Asia:

Firms, Governance & Institutions

·          Diversification, business groups and firm performance

·          Government-business ties, state owned enterprises and the role of the state

·          Ownership, governance and leadership of family businesses

·          Economics of organization and management across institutional environments

·          The legal environment of business


Business and Competition

·          The governance of domestic firms and MNCs

·          Industry and market structures, competitive dynamics and firm performance

·          Internationalization, market entry and foreign direct investment

·          Alliances, alliance portfolios and inter-firm cooperation


 Technology & Innovation

·          Technology, entrepreneurship and innovation across institutional environments

·          Knowledge development and organizational learning

·          Technical HR management, mobility and outcomes

·          Intellectual property, protection and trade secrecy across institutional environments