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2007 and Others


Mochtar Riady Building Groundbreaking Ceremony
12 Nov 2007
Groundbreaking ceremony for the Mochtar Riady Building on 12 November - what a day it was for all of us at NUS Business School!

$45m architectural icon for NUS Business School (The Straits Times, 14 Nov 2007)
国大建李文正大楼 (Lianhe Zaobao, 13 Nov 2007)
Tycoon with a gift for education (Financial Times, 05 Nov 2007) 

$21 million gift from Riadys boosts NUS Business School's bid to be Asia's best
01 Aug 2007
The National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School has received a gift of $21 million from Indonesian business conglomerate Lippo Group. more

Lippo Group Gives $21 Million to fund NUS Business School Building and Distinguished Professorhips (AlumNUS Magazine, 09 Oct 2007)
Lippo's $21m Gift To NUS Business School (TODAY, 02 Aug 2007)
Lippo Group Donates $21 Million To NUS Business School (Lianhe Zaobao, 02 Aug 2007)
Lippo Group donates $21m to NUS Business School (The Business Times, 02 Aug 2007)
NUS Business School gets $21m from Lippo Group (The Straits Times, 02 Aug 2007)

Alumni raised $200,000 at NUS Business School Golf Challenge
28 Jul 2007
More than $200,000 was raised at the inaugural Business School Golf Challenge held on July 28 at the Marina Bay Golf Course. more 

OSIM Donates S$1.5 million to NUS Business School for OSIM Professorship in Branding & Innovation
4 July 2003

OSIM International Ltd announced today that it has set up an educational fund with the NUS Business School to study the role of Branding and Innovation in successful businesses. more